The Post 703 Color Guard currently has 16 active members. Their primary duty is to give fallen Legion members the due respect that they have earned.

The Color Guard is the formal Post 703 representative at various local civic functions and holiday events in the Parma, Ohio area.


The Color Guard is in need of new members to join our ranks. Male or female, young or old- you are welcome. Uniforms are provided; all that is needed is your Legion Cap. Contact the Post if interested.


Unserviceable Flags Ceremony is held each year on Flag Day by the Color Guard at the American Legion Post 703. Our post collects flags for retirement year round, as well as tattered and torn flags- please feel free to drop off your flags. The retirement of an American flag, a time-honored tradition carried on annually by the Color Guard continues out of respect for the gravity and respect it entails. The flag is folded into a traditional triangle thirteen times - one time for each original colony- then lowered into a burning barrel. It then must be consumed by the flames entirely, as the Color Guard take this moment to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.